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Genocide 2015


Genocide of the Boer in South Africa

“Nothing reaches far and wide like murmurings of  Genocide. Yet nothing else sounds more bizarre when hearing it from lands afar. Ignorance is bliss they say so I am wiping it away. You cannot claim you didn’t know or try to say it isn’t so…”

In less than 10 years, thousands of Rhino have been slaughtered for their horns! This is a travesty! Even more so as there is no scientific proof that Rhino horn has any medicinal property what so ever. Yet some claim that is a powerful aphrodisiac and one man claims it can cure cancer. There is absolutely NO truth to these claims, but still these majestic animals are on the brink of extinction!
In 2012 alone 381 rhino have paid the ultimate price for these ridiculous claims! Most of the rhino are killed in, of all places, the Kruger National Park! …one of South Africa’s main tourist attractions and supposedly a safe environment for our much treasured Wild Life. Most of the rhino horn is sold on the Black market in Asia! Our Government stockpiles the horns that are confiscated by the police, but there is no clarity as to how much they have or what is to be done with it. We seem to be unable to get this problem under control and the more effort that is put into stopping this, the more popular these horns become!
There is a huge outcry, locally and internationally to DO something about this inhumane slaughtering of our rhino and our Government has given heed to this, BECAUSE the world is getting involved! We thank you for this!

I am, however writing this piece to BEG people from all over the world to give the same kind of attention, if not more, to another, even more horrific and pressing disaster facing South Africa! I refuse to believe that we live in a world where HUMAN life is less valued than that of animals and yet, it seems to be the case when it comes to getting the world to sit up and take notice of the fact that the WHITE BOER PEOPLE of South Africa are literally ALSO on the brink of extinction!

More than 4 000 White Farmers (Boers) have been murdered in Brutal Farm Attacks and that number increases daily and thousands more “Boers” are being murdered in our Cities for no apparent reason other than that they are WHITE!

Please, do not think for even a second, that I am exaggerating! Here are the FACTS!

In 1991 there were 5.6 Million Whites in South Africa. Today we are less than 4.3 Million! …and of the 133 000 commercial farmers in South Africa, only 29 000 are left!

We have been placed on level 6 of a possible 8, by Genocide Watch, an International organization that monitors, not only the number of people that are being brutally murdered in Race driven killings, but the political and socio-economic environment in which these people find themselves. These first 6 stages are…

Referring to people or groups op people as “Us” and “Them”, according to race, ethnicity, religion or nationality.

We (the European people) are referred to by the black population of South Africa, by several names that include “Boer”, “Whitey”, “iBhunu”, etc.

Giving names or symbols to the classifications – in our case referring to us as “Boers” or “Whiteys”. Classification and symbolization are universally human and do not necessarily result in genocide, unless they leadto the next stage, dehumanization.

…which, in our case, it has! Songs are sung about “Killing the Boer”. A particular song called “Dubula iBhunu”, meaning “Kill/shoot the Boer”, is even sung by our current State President at huge public gatherings to the great pleasure of thousands of his followers, despite our Supreme Court ruling that this song constitutes Hate Speech! You can find proof of this by viewing the following link …

One group denies the humanity of the other group. Members of it are equated with animals, vermin, insects or diseases. Dehumanization overcomes the normal human revulsion against murder.

When faced with what is being done to our people, this revulsion clearly doesn’t exist anymore! Babies are being shot at point blank range! Elderly women are being raped and tortured by burning them with clothing irons and shoving anything from broomsticks to smashed bottles into their vaginas! People are being hacked to death with pangas, their heads smashed with bricks and stones, their throats slit with blunt knives… There is NO end to the horrendous brutality with which my people are being murdered!!! If you doubt this, simply type the words “Boer Genocide” in Google!!

Articles on Boer Genocide

Genocide is always organized, usually by the state, though sometimes informally or by terrorist groups. Special army units or militias are often trained and armed. Plans are made for genocidal killings.

In South Africa, the Government is simply turning a blind eye to this and calling it “Normal Crime” at worst! These murders are by no means random nor are they disorganized! The killers/murderers always work in groups – mostly 4-5 . They steal very little and what they do take is considered “loot” or “reward” for a job well done. In many cases they arrive on foot and steal a vehicle as a means of getting away. These vehicles are then simply discarded along the way and often burnt. The process of “organizing” a complete WIPEOUT of the Boer people was very well thought through.

*Firstly the South African Government ordered that firearm owners should surrender all their firearms though a hugely unconstitutional and completely illegal campaign. Most of the law abiding citizens complied for fear of prosecution. These weapons were to be destroyed, but there is NO evidence of this ever having been done. To make matters worse, over 20 000 weapons have gone “missing” from the Police Force’s arsenal, with no reports as to what happened to these guns and in addition nobody was ever prosecuted for negligence regarding the disappearance of these firearms!

*Secondly, all the Commandos (volunteers with army training operating under strict governance of our Defense Force) that used to keep our farming communities safe, were disbanded by our current Government, thus leaving our Farmers defenseless against these attacks.  Despite promises from the Government that police officials and Defense Force units will replace the Commandos, nothing has transpired ever since!

*Thirdly, much is being made by the SA Government of “redistributing” farmland. They have created the impression that most of our arid land is still in the hands of the “Boers” and that they are bluntly refusing to sell land to the Government who will in turn distribute this land to Black people to farm on. This is a lie, as most of the land in South Africa already belongs to the Government and up till now, no audit has been done to establish how much agricultural land is owned by the black people and how much land is being registered in the names of Foreign owners. Some of these farms previously developed by white farmers, have been given to Black communities to farm on, but without significant success. These farms have become barren, costing thousands of people their jobs and livelihood and seriously threatening our food supply in SA.  All of these factors are creating an environment where the hatred for the Boer is being aggravated and these farmers are considered the enemy of the “People” …and our leaders then singing songs about killing or shooting  the “Boer”,  is certainly NOT helping!

Extremists drive the groups apart. Hate groups broadcast polarizing propaganda. Laws are passed with racial criteria that further oppresses the already marginalized group…

…in this case the White Boer People!
South Africa is currently the only country in the WORLD that has laws in place to “Protect” a 60 Million Majority against a 4.5 Million Minority! The most obvious ones being:

*Affirmative Action (AA) – in terms of which businesses are forced to employ workers in accordance to the percentage of the population in the country – thus meaning that 92% of the work force HAS to be black whether they have the necessary qualifications or not!
*Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) – This law forces businesses with a certain turnover P/A to give 35% of their shares to a Black Business Partner. Businesses are audited and prosecuted if they are not BEE compliant. Since capability and skills have left the Government sector at the time when the white employees who were dismissed,  the Government had to contract consultants to fulfill the duties of those qualified and competent white people who were dismissed. Once more, the Government is now compelled by law to only award ALL Government contracts to those private companies who are in possession of a BEE-certificate. This certificate is issued by the Government on completion of a thorough investigation by the Government to confirm that a private company has sufficient Black shareholders and employees ON ALL levels of their work force.
*Quota System – All Sport Unions are forced to apply a quota system when choosing players for Provincial and National teams and the percentages have to again be representative of the population, thus leaving capable sportsmen and –women with no way to participate unless they are black. In practice, this means that sportsmen and –woman are elected to represent their province/country on the basis of the colour of their skin and not on merit at all.

***All of this whilst our Highly Praised Constitution states VERY clearly that:
Section 9: The right to equality before the law and freedom from discrimination. Prohibited grounds of discrimination include race, gender, sex, pregnancy, marital status, ethnic or social origin, colour, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion, conscience, belief, culture, language and birth.

Polarizing Propaganda is openly preached from public stages at political gatherings and white people are being called “Thieves and Murderers” to the delight of cheering crowds. Due to large scale corruption, the current Government is hardly able to deliver any of the promised services to the poorest of the poor, but instead of owning up to the fact that BILLIONS are lost or stolen from our annual budget, white people are simply blamed for the horrendous conditions in which more than 25% of the population is currently living. This is furthering the utter hatred behind the Genocide of the “Boer people”!

Victims are identified and separated out because of their ethnic or religious identity. Death lists are drawn up. Members of victim groups are forced to wear identifying symbols. They are often segregated into ghettoes, forced into concentration camps, or confined to a famine-struck region and starved.

We have now entered this phase in South Africa. We need not wear symbols as we are identified simply because we are White! In less than 10 years, more than 600 000 White people have ended up in Squatter Camps (ghettos) mostly because they have been forced to resign due to the Affirmative Action Legislation (i.e. due to the colour of their skin). These people live in horrifying circumstances with absolutely NO hope of receiving any help from the Government to acquire shelter and food!

There are only 2 levels left before my people, the ones that are left, will literally have to “run for their lives”! More than 1 Million White South Africans have left the country already – some after experiencing crime first hand. Some because their very own family members have been murdered and some to find employment in countries where their skin colour will NOT be a disqualification.

Extermination begins, and quickly becomes the mass killing legally called “genocide.” It is “extermination” to the killers, because they do not believe their victims to be fully human. When it is sponsored by the state, the armed forces often work with militias to execute the killing.

The frightening truth is that, although this is seen as the second last level of Genocide and we have NOT been placed here yet, we are already experiencing a level of extermination that the world simply seems to ignore bluntly! In 1994 there were 133 000 commercial farmers in South Africa. Today, there are only 33 000. More than 4 000 of these farmers have been murdered!!! Many of our farmers sold their land out of fear of these attacks and many more have been forced to sell their land to the Government for their “Land Redistribution” plan.

Our Farmers are not the only targets though! Thousands of our Boer people are murdered in Cities and Towns. More often than not, the elderly are the victims of these Hate-crimes and the brutality, with which these people are being killed, is utterly shocking! You can read the following link regarding some of the more recent incidents…

Torture and Murder of the Elderly

Denial is the eighth stage that always follows genocide. It is among the surest indicators of further genocidal massacres. The perpetrators of genocide dig up the mass graves, burn the bodies, try to cover up the evidence and intimidate the witnesses. They deny that they committed any crimes, and often blame what happened on the victims. They block investigations of the crimes, and continue to govern until driven from power by force, when they flee into exile.

Although we have not reached this stage, our Government is already denying the fact that the Boer Nation is being targeted in these brutal killings ant they prefer to refer to these brutal killings as “Normal Crime” – part of our everyday lives in South Africa. You can read this claim here…

South African Government denying Genocide of the Boer

After reading all of this, I can only hope that you will realize that we are in dire need of your help to avoid more barbaric murders, eliminating our numbers to a point where resistance is not possible any longer! If you choose to turn a blind eye and NOT concern yourself with this utter human travesty, it will be a sad day indeed…

Please forward this article to as many people as you possibly can! Make sure that you bring our plight under the attention of your political organizations, politicians and Governments! To us it is a matter of life and death.

My People are dying EVERY DAY, due to these senseless murders! YOU can help to put an end to this!

Nothing reaches far and wide
Like murmurings of Genocide
Yet nothing else sounds more bizarre
Than hearing it from lands afar

Ignorance is bliss they say
So I am wiping it away
You cannot claim you didn’t know
Or try to say it isn’t so…


Farm murders in South Africa Part 1 of 2



Farm murders in South Africa Part 2 of 2



SA Genocide Watch

2015 Open Season On Whites In South Africa

Wild Horse - MPH Brand Events 2010.xls2015 Open Season On Whites In South Africa

AfriForum said the latest killings brought the number of farm murders in the country to seven since the start of the year. “This is more than one farm murder every two days. If this trend is any indication of the rate of farm murders in 2015, it means that there will be more than 200 farm murders,” AfriForum deputy CEO Ernst Roets said in a statement. He said that over the weekend President Jacob Zuma during the ANC’s 103rd anniversary had made an appeal to farmers to improve the living conditions of farmworkers. “Yet, not a word is being said about the thousands of farmers who have been killed in recent years,” Roets said.

PackAge News 24 Comment: During the 103rd birthday celebrations this weekend Zuma spoke his usual balderdash, blaming apartheid and the white man for everything that they have failed at! Of course he also spoke on corruption, for he is fully qualified on the subject therefore the countries most experienced and leading speaker on the subject! He mentioned safety and security and protection for citizens then emphasized Women and Children etc, but never ONCE mentioned the killing of farmers!!!!!!!!  Then he could not resist by ending off with singing and dancing to the song  “Machine Whami” In other words he is continually in public, encouraging the killing and genocide of the Boer


















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