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Farm Attacks



Nightmare on a Farm – 11 (of the Thousands) Most Gruesome Farm Attacks in South Africa

on a Farm – 11 (of the Thousands) Most Gruesome Farm Attacks in South Africa (WARNING: Not for sensitive readers!)

“We left South America because of this [violence] and found something much worse in South Africa. These people don’t care if you are Afrikaner, English, Indian or like us, South American. They hate because they’ve been taught to.” – Gabriela Coreira, survivor of the Viana family massacre. Farming is dangerous enough, but in our country, the horror stories about farm murders are more horrific than most can imagine.  Many of these incidents never make the news, and those that do are watered down.  Out of thousands of brutal farm attacks, these are some of the most gruesome:



Farm Murders Death Toll 1987 to June 2010: 3,678, white farmers murdered in SouthAfrica: compiled from 0

19:39 Jan 01, 2016

Death toll: 3,678 From 1987 to June 2010: This list contains the names of 3,670 white farmers and family members who were murdered, all by...

ANC headquarters, Johannesburg, South Africa

Survived kidnap: Afrikaner Meyerton resident Kobus 'Smurf' Rabie: found injured in back of his car 0

08:18 Mar 14, 2015

Survives kidnap: After he was reported missing a day earlier, to the Meyerton police, Afrikaner resident Kobus "Smurf" Rabie was found back...

Deneysville, South Africa

Survive: Frikkie Coetzee 82 and wife Lettie 81 and their family survive attack by 5 black gunmen: close down their business 0

11:42 Mar 13, 2015

Grateful to be alive: Frikkie 82 and Lettie 81 Coetzee survive ordeal by five black gunmen: Zoutpansberger 6 March 2015;




20 year old Quinton Wagner was knocked off his motorcycle on Friday 05 Sept 2014. Then attacked by 20 blacks from a nearby taxi rank - dragged around by his broken arm of which the bone was protruding through his sleeve..... stripping him of his belongings and shoes - fighting amongst each other like a pack of hyenas about his shoes!!

They robbed bystanders who tried to intervene and tried to rush the emergency helicopter which came in to land in the road.

The CPF called the police who sent one vehicle with two policemen who, according to a witness, sat to one side, not even interested in taking statements.

This is one of those incidents which the media does not report on in the English papers - obviously to prevent a wider audience becoming aware of the real situation in South Africa.

Quinton's also witnessed his father's murder at the hand of black attackers in January this year.


Not guilty of trumped-up charges: Afrikaner childcare centre owner Christine Bruins was found not guilty: the only 2 witnesses unreliable

Not guilty of trumped-up charges: Afrikaner childcare centre owner Christine Bruins was found not guilty: the only 2 witnesses unreliable 0

11:37 Mar 13, 2015

#SouthAfrica Trumped-up case: Christine Bruins found #NotGuilty of any #ChildAbuse at her Nelspruit daycare centre

Nelspruit, South Africa

Survives 7th home-invasion by blacks in 7 years: Mindalore resident Johan Swanepoel fed up with crime and poor policing 0

10:21 Mar 13, 2015

Fed up with crime and police Mindalore residents are yet again targeted by house robbers. Johan Swanepoel has had enough of the crime in...

Krugersdorp, South Africa

Afrikaner poverty, homelessness grows in Tygerberg region's Voortrekker working-class corridor 0

09:05 Mar 13, 2015

Afrikaner poverty grows in Tygerberg region's Voortrekker corridor: Homeless white man - known only as Ines - seriously injured during scuffle...

Durbanville, Cape Town, South Africa

Municipal government fraud: : R2,9m European Union funded, productive Broederstroomdrift fruit farm now a squatter camp 0

07:18 Mar 13, 2015

Municipal government fraud: : R2,9m European Union funded and highly productive Broederstroomdrift fruit farm is a total flop. 'MUNICIPAL...

Tzaneen, South Africa

Survives kidnap attempt with advice from Oprah: Robyn Zieseniss 25, Port Elizabeth student-attorney 0

06:11 Mar 13, 2015

Survives kidnap-attempt: Port Elizabeth South africa candidate-attorney Robyn Zieseniss, 25, escaped from the claws of a black kidnapper because...

Govan Mbeki Avenue, Port Elizabeth, 6001, South Africa

Human Trafficking of very young girls by doctor downgraded to charge of Running A Brothel in Durban court: 0

14:06 Mar 12, 2015

Human Trafficking of young girls by doctor downgraded to 'running a brothel' at Durban's Inn Town Lodge An Indian-SouthAfrican hotel manageress...

Durban, South Africa

Desperate need for FOOD at Afrikaner Internal Refugee camps New Hope and Sonskyn Care Centre 0

03:26 Mar 12, 2015

Poor-Afrikaner families' internal refugee camp "Sonskyn care centre" with 100 adults and 40 children urgently needs Food. Contact Maureen...

Pretoria, South Africa

Government fraud: Original 1896 Land Deed records proving land-ownership of Afrikaners in Rustenburg were found buried in a field near Pretoria 0

14:54 Mar 11, 2015

Lost land-deeds showing Boers 1896 legal ownership of Rustenburg land handed to Afriforum civil rights movement. In a shocking development...




Human Rights Violation: charge at Human Rights Council over dangerous condition of Soweto school toilets 0

14:50 Mar 11, 2015

Complaint laid with SAHRC over inhumane conditions of school toilets in Soweto - DA Desiree van der Walt 10 March 2015 Desiree van der Walt...

Soweto, South Africa

Human Rights Violation: Protestors chant Kill the Jews and other anti-semitic chants 0

14:48 Mar 11, 2015

Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA — Protesters chanted anti-Semitic slogans and threatened to kill Jews outside a South African Zionist Federation...

Sandton, South Africa

Survived: Afrikaner family man pistol-whipped by black during invasion of home at Clarendon Avenue, Nigel 0

14:45 Mar 11, 2015

Afrikaner family man injured: pistolwhipped during invasion of Clarendon Avenue, Nigel home: alerted police engaged in shootout leading to injury...

Nigel, South Africa

Survive: Afrikaner headmistress Doulina Slabbert tortured with burning plastic, 4 blacks force husband Armand to hand over valuables 0

13:50 Mar 10, 2015

Tortured: Kindergarten Headmistress Doulina Slabbert, 4 blacks invaded Pongola homestead: forced husband Armand to hand over valuables and...

Pongola, South Africa

White man on video being kidnapped and driven away from his driveway by 5 blacks, Olifantsfontein 0

13:44 Mar 10, 2015

An unknown white Man's kidnapping from his own driveway was caught on camera on 5 March 2015 at Mayfair Roads, Olifantsfontein. Police needs...

Mayfair Road, Olifantsfontein, 1692, South Africa

Survived: police refused to help white SAndton man who was threatened by black racist neighbour with large knife - VIDEO 0

13:43 Mar 10, 2015

Man lives in fear after racist quarrel with his neighbour It's understood the drama unfolded around 5am, when a man started fighting with his...

Sandton, South Africa

Survived: white family in Edenvale home invaded by four blacks VIDEO 0

13:25 Mar 10, 2015

Attempted burglary in Edenvale caught on camera They struggled to open the security gate and were spooked off, only to return moments later...

Edenvale, South Africa

Survives: Disabled pensioner hijacked in wheelchair, Brakpan Mall 9 March 2015 0

07:11 Mar 10, 2015

Disabled pensioner hijacked in wheelchair at Brakpan Mall 9 March 2015 pagegrab Disabled pensioner hijacked in wheelchair at Brakpan Mall 9...

Brakpan, South Africa

Survive: Thys and Nellie Fourie, 63 and 65, and granddaughter 5 months: warning that blacks now also attack in daylight 0

05:23 Mar 10, 2015

Survive: Thys and Nellie Fourie, 63 and 65, and granddaughter, 5 months: attacked by Elderly couple with baby robbed at gunpoint in Van Riebeek...



















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